Diy Gift Ideas!

*None of the pictures/pins/gift ideas I included in this post are my ideas, they are made by other people. I also wasn’t paid by anyone to include these in my post! If you wanna know more you can read my disclaimer page here*

Hi everyone! So, since it’s almost Christmas I decided to do another post about diy Christmas gifts!!! (you can read my previous Christmas gift posts here I actually bought most of my gifts this year since I actually had money to spend lol, so I was very excited and bought everyone in my family something. I did make a few gifts for my friends though! Anyways, I thought I’d search Pinterest for a couple of adorable ideas, and I hope you guys enjoy! Also, I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately, but I’ve been getting kinda busy with school and December is always a busy month for me. 🙂 That being said, if you guys have any post ideas comment down below and I will try my best to get to them! Ideas always help lol. Aaaaaaand just for fun I thought I’d let you guys know my blog has hit 8,377 views so far! Crazy!!! Thank you everyone for your support! AAAAAAAAND I HIT 100 SUBSCRIBERS!!!! YAY!

So, without further ado, let’s get started!!

Trinket Dish

These little shell trinket dishes are so adorable! I love the terrazzo print one in the top left corner, it’s so pretty! Not only is this gift cute, it’s easy to make and it’s practical! Click on the pin to learn how to make it.

Macrame Bag

Okay, I literally LOVE this bag, I think I’m gonna make one for myself lol. It’d be perfect for trips to the library!!!! This one wasn’t on pinterest, but go to the link here to find directions on how to make this cute accessory.

Christmas Hair Combs

These are so CUUUUUUTE I love them!!!! Another thing I’m thinking about making (again, for myself lol….I know this post is supposed to be about gifts but I just can’t resist!) You can click here for a link to the directions. I think these would be a perfect gift, and they’re a great accessory to wear to a Christmas party!!! These combs are made using real plants, but I think it could work with artificial greenery too so that it wouldn’t wilt.

Clay Earrings

Ok, so technically these exact earrings aren’t DIY….these ones are actually for sale lol (you can click here if you want to learn more about them) BUT clay earrings are such a great present! They are so simple to make (you just need a few supplies) and they look amazing!!! There are a bunch of tutorials out there talking about how to make clay earrings, so try searching for some! Also, I thought maybe it’d be fun to make my own tutorial on clay earrings, so tell me if you’d want that!


Gnomes seem to be kinda the thing this year, but I love them!!! They are sooo cute lol. These gnomes are so simple to make, and even better, they’re made with socks!!! (maybe you have some old socks you wanna get rid of or something lol) They’d be a perfect gift for anyone who likes to decorate for Christmas!!! Click the pin above to watch a short, straightforward tutorial on how to make these little guys

Well, there you go guys! Some adorable, easy DIY Christmas gifts. Let me know if you tried any of these, if you have any diy gift suggestions, and don’t forget to give me post ideas too! Have a great week guys! Ttyl.

❤ Abby

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